By the 80s, the National Academy of Physical Education and Sport, then ICF Bucharest edited The Palestra magazine. Since 1989, more precisely in 1995, “ANEFS Magazine – the official magazine of the National Academy of Physical Education and Sport in Bucharest” was published, with quarterly appearance. In 1995 four numbers issued, and since 1996 the magazine changed its name to “ Discobolul – Review UNEFS” with biannual issuance. Thus, during 1996 – 1997, there are two (2) issues per year. From 1998 to 2005, Discobolus magazine ceases its issuance. Since June 2005, on the initiative and under the coordination of Prof. Ion Batlan, the magazine resumes its issuance under the name “Discobolul – ANEFS Culture, Education, Sport and Kinetotherapy Review” with a quarterly occurrence. Thus, in 2005, two (2) numbers were issued, and from 2006 to the present the magazine has a quarterly periodicity, of four (4) issues per year.
The continuous activity of the Editorial Board was ensured, until 2011, by Prof. PhD Nicolae Vinţanu. Prof Associate PhD Mihaela Păunescu had a particularly important role in increasing the prestige of the journal, ensuring its good functioning, restructuring its content, designing its new template and indexing it in recognized international databases.
Starting with the first number in 2007, Discobolul is indexed in Index Copernicus – Journal Master List(Poland), database containing 8, 000 academic scientific journals worldwide. Following the scientific evaluation, Discobolul manages to align to the changes and new trends in the scientific world and to keep its place in the data list, receiving a quality index value (IC) of 4.63 in 2011.
Discobolul is a support for students, the PhD students and the Master students, wishing to disseminate the results of the studies. In this regard, as of 2011, the journal was included in the Romanian Publishing Platform (SCIPIO), developed within the strategic project “The doctorate in Schools of Excellence“, to assess the quality of research in higher education. The journal of the platform is also supported by the Free Act journal, which can be accessed at the Sports Sciences category.
Discobolul – Physical Education, Sports and Kinetotherapy Journal is un open access journal and free of charge for his readers.


Discobolul – Physical Education, Sports and Kinetotherapy Journal is a journal that provides original research, reviews and debate relating to: Sport Sciences, Physical Education and Kinetotherapy. Major areas of coverage include: sports, physical education, physical fitness, physical therapy, recreation, research area, sport activities, sport psychology, sport sociology, sports medicine, training and teaching methods, biomechanics-kinesiology, health, motor learning, psychology, philosophy, physiology, sport medicine etc. Our scope is to contribute to education (teaching and learning), research and knowledge from sport science and physical education area.


Discobolul – Physical Education, Sports and Kinetotherapy Journal have important duties to promote research and publication integrity in the Sport Science, Physical Education, Sport Psychology, Sports Pedagogy, The Sociology of Sport etc. Discobolulpromotes fair-play in scientific and editorial research.
Discobolul – promotes research ethics, so that the data published in the journal pages to be reliable. It is conceived in accordance with the ethical principles of the Helsinki declaration on research on human subjects.