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Discobolul follows a rigorous peer-review process for all the articles. This one is conducted by the editorial board, together with the independent reviewers. Following this process, observations are being sent to authors, in order to make the necessary corrections. The blind review consists in three phases:
1. All articles published by Discobolul are committed to publishing only original material, material that has neither been published elsewhere. Articles that are found to have been plagiarized from other papers will incur plagiarism sanctions.
2. Analysing the way authors prepared and uploaded the articles according to the instructions below and also the accuracy of the English translation.
    If instructions are not entirely followed, the article will be sent back to the authors for further correcting.
3. The articles which passed the first phase are assigned to two independent experts for peer-reviewing. The identity of both expert and author will remain unrevealed, the article having only the code number. The reviewing process will last 4-6 weeks at most, until observations, suggestions or acceptance are being sent to authors.

The peer review takes into consideration the following

Criteria of Evaluation

1. Degree of originality and novelty of the topics
2. Clarity, concision and text accuracy
3. Adequate use of the research methods 
4. The relevance of the study for research activity and its impact upon the domains related to the topics
5. Relevance of the bibliographic resources


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