Journal 2023
Discobolul Volume 62, Issue 1 - March 2023
Methodological aspects regarding the improvement of Tsukahara vault (tempo)View

Authors: Corina MOROȘAN, Cezar HANTĂU, Yannakos ATHANASSIOS, Pages: 1-13,

Comparative study of aerobic capacity in female students before and after the COVID-19 pandemicView

Authors: Camelia BRANEȚ, Raluca PELIN, Valeria BĂLAN, Adrian PRICOP, Carmen GRIGOROIU, Pages: 14-26,

Evaluation of physiotherapy effects using specific tests in Duchenne muscular dystrophy – a case studyView

Authors: Alexandra-Mihaela IONICĂ, Alexandru BUZESCU, Pages: 27-40,

Study on the importance of promoting running events in correlation with the participants’ opinionsView

Authors: Virgil TUDOR, Monica Iulia STĂNESCU, Daniela MARCU, Pages: 41-57,

The social context and the development of women’s football in RomaniaView

Authors: Andreea TRUȘCĂ, Silvia TEODORESCU, Pages: 58-69,

The contribution of hydrotherapy and swimming to post-mastectomy functional rehabilitationView

Authors: Oana Maria BALTAG, Andra Ioana SINGURAN, Mihaela APOSTU, Ruxandra EL-BSAT, Pages: 70-84,

Aspects regarding the improvement of the methodological system for testing alpine skiersView

Authors: Adrian PICA, Mircea NEAMȚU, Pages: 85-105,

Discobolul Volume 62, Issue 2 - June 2023
Distinguishable hardships for a sample of middle school students from Vrancea countyView

Authors: Dan BADEA, Doina CROITORU, Sorin CIOLCĂ, Gheorghe GRIGORE, Virgil TUDOR, Paul DONICI, Ana GAVRILESCU, Pages: 106-118,

Coping strategies of footballers who have recovered from COVID-19 in five European countriesView

Authors: Alexandra PREDOIU, Selenia DI FRONSO, Maurizio BERTOLLO, Radu PREDOIU, Ryszard MAKAROWSKI, Andrzej PIOTROWSKI, Germina COSMA, Romualdas MALINAUSKAS, Zermena VAZNE, Pages: 119-130,

Authors: Alexandra PREDOIU, Selenia DI FRONSO, Maurizio BERTOLLO, Radu PREDOIU, Ryszard MAKAROWSKI, Andrzej PIOTROWSKI,
Germina COSMA, Romualdas MALINAUSKAS, Zermena VAZNE, Pages: 119-130, Alexandra PREDOIU, Selenia DI FRONSO, Maurizio BERTOLLO, Radu PREDOIU, Ryszard MAKAROWSKI, Andrzej PIOTROWSKI,Germina COSMA, Romualdas MALINAUSKAS, Zermena VAZNE, Pages: 119-130,
Performance factors in completing a training course in European funds for sportView

Authors: Anca-Maria IONESCU, Monica STĂNESCU, Rocsana BUCEA-MANEA-ȚONIȘ, Pages: 131-150,

Study on the impact of adapted judo practice on individuals with ASD and Down syndromeView

Authors: Laurențiu BOCIOACĂ, Aurel MARIN, Pages: 151-162,

The dynamics of the agility manifestation in basketball game during the physical education lessonView

Authors: Andreea-Mădălina ANASTASIU, Vladimir POTOP, Ilie MIHAI, Andrii CHERNOZUB, Paul-Florinel VIȘAN, Florin COJANU, Pages: 163-173,

Effects of kinesiotherapy versus hidrokinetic therapy on the rehabilitation of patients with amputationView

Authors: Vlad-Theodor COTROBAȘ-DASCĂLU, Marius STOICA, Adina Andreea DREVE, Kristo XHARDO, Delia Ramona ARSANI, Pages: 174-188,

A ludic history of swimming – a systematic reviewView

Authors: Luciela VASILE, Laurențiu TICALĂ, Adrian RĂDULESCU, Ana Maria MUJEA, Costel MATEI, Camelia BRANEȚ, Carmen Luminița ONOIU, Natalia GHEORGHE, Valeria BĂLAN, Pages: 189-207,

Discobolul Volume 62, Issue 3 - September 2023
Anthropometric measurements and their relationship with technical skills and physical performance in junior basketball playersView

Authors: Hisham ABU TAHA, Majed EL-SALEH, Ligia RUSU, Pages: 208-223,

Improving coordination skills in young football players aged 8-10 yearsView

Authors: Rafael VIȘAN, Marius STOICA, Adina DREVE, Pages: 224-238,

Effects of instrumental facial massage and neuromotor stimulation techniques in children with cerebral palsyView

Authors: Dana MARIN, Ilie ONU, Ana ONU, Pages: 239-253,

Aspects relating to the development of motor skills, strength, and balance in U16 footballView

Authors: Silvia TEODORESCU, Paul SOROCEANU, Toma VASILESCU, Pages: 254-264,

  Journal 2022
Discobolul Volume 61, Issue 1 - March 2022
Academic Editor Professor PhD. Monica Stănescu
Optimisation of the ankle sprain recovery process for junior footballers by computerised dynamometersView

Authors: Kristo XHARDO, Mariana CORDUN, Pages: 1-14,

Biomotor profile of children at risk of educational and social exclusion in north-eastern RomaniaView

Authors: Virgil TUDOR, Florin PELIN, Gabriel Iulian GHIȚESCU, Corina CIOLCĂ, Sorin CIOLCĂ, Dan BADEA, Laurențiu Daniel TICALĂ, Marius STOICESCU, Ana-Maria MUJEA, Eduard URSU, Mihaela CIOBANU, Constantin Iulian HONDRU, Pages: 15-28,

Study regarding the introduction of modern technology in the physical education classView

Authors: Germina-Alina COSMA, Elena Daniela POPESCU, Amalia-Raluca STEPAN, Alexandra PREDOIU, Pages: 29-40,

Eating habits of students from the Faculty of Sport and the Faculty of MedicineView

Authors: Adriana ALBU, Ionuț ONOSE, Raluca-Mihaela ONOSE, Beatrice ABĂLAȘEI, Pages: 41-48,

Study on the factors influencing the quality of life of older adultsView

Authors: Constanța URZEALĂ, Veronica POPESCU, Silvia TEODORESCU, Pages: 49-59,

Screening of simplifying indicators of gross motor development in preschoolersView

Authors: Tianfang WANG, Dongmei LUO, Jiebo CHEN, Zhen LI, Xing ZHAO, Sibghat Ullah Khan YOUSAFZAI, Pages: 60-72,

Study on temperament and the occurrence of joint injuries in football-tennisView

Authors: Ana-Maria RIZESCU, Radu PREDOIU, Pages: 73-92,

Assessment of foot posture changesView

Authors: Carmen Liliana GHERGHEL, Gelu COSMA, Pages: 93-102,

Effects of Schroth method physiotherapy on active range of motion of the spineView

Authors: Bogdan GOGA, Corina PREDESCU, Sergiu MITROI, Pages: 103-116,

Study on the concentration of attention in children playing footballView

Authors: Rafael VIȘAN, Marius STOICA, Adina DREVE, Pages: 117-129,

Increasing the level of performance in tango dancers using the turning board training deviceView

Author: Csongor KICSI, Pages: 130-142,

Study regarding increased range of motion and muscular force in knee joint sprainsView

Authors: Neonila Gabriela ȘTEFAN, Răzvan Andrei TOMOZEI, Raluca Anca TANASĂ, Cristina Elena MORARU, Pages: 143-154,

Study on physical training in tennis performanceView

Authors: Ioana ROȘCULEȚ, Corina ȚIFREA, Ana-Maria VASILIU, Jose VILAÇA-ALVES, Pages: 155-165,

Discobolul Volume 61, Issue 2 - June 2022
Academic Editor Associate Professor PhD. Radu Predoiu
Improving artistic expressiveness in standard dances – youth levelView

Author: Oana-Alina SOFRON, Pages: 166-177,

The relationship between cardiopulmonary function and cognitive function in the elderly in BeijingView

Authors: Hongbin JIANG, Cailiang ZHOU, Pages: 178-187,

Increasing the personal autonomy of preadolescents from rural areasView

Author: Ana GAVRILESCU, Pages: 188-198,

Radiography of the athletics training modernisation in RomaniaView

Authors: Robert-Valentin MUNTEANU, Corina ȚIFREA, Pages: 199-209,

Examination of physical education teachers’ opinions and motivation levels during the COVID-19 pandemicView

Authors: Seda BOSTANOGLU, Numan Bahadır KAYISOGLU, Pages: 210-221,

Comparative analysis of the results obtained by groups of football goalkeepersView

Authors: Iustin Adrian CROITORU, Monica COJOCARU, Pages: 222-232,

Changes of plantar arch after global physical exercises in high school studentsView

Authors: Mihai-Alexandru CÎTEA, Mariana CORDUN, Pages: 233-247,

Improving quality of life among Ministry of National Defence workers through proprioceptive exercisesView

Author: Bogdan ROȘU, Pages: 248-264,

Discobolul Volume 61, Issue 3 - September 2022
Academic Editor Professor PhD. Aura Bota
Study regarding the functional level of the upper limb after mastectomyView

Authors: Oana Maria BALTAG, Mihaela APOSTU, Georgios SAKELLARIOU, Pages: 265-276,

Physiotherapy exercise protocol of pelvic floor muscles for young female athletes with urinary incontinenceView

Authors: Alexandra TUFA, Silvia TEODORESCU, Pages: 277-290,

Laterality assessment in martial artists through kinematic analysis of striking techniquesView

Authors: Robert DELIU, Marius STOICA, Irina BĂIȚEL, Pages: 291-306,

The flow state in elite Romanian fencersView

Authors: Radu PREDOIU, Gabriela DINȚICĂ, Ana Maria ZDANOVSCHI, Lydia HATUEL CZUCKERMANN, Alexandra PREDOIU, Amalia TĂTĂRAN, Pages: 307-318,

Role of extracurricular activities in developing the motor and mental skills of primary school studentsView

Authors: Maria CĂLINESCU, Gloria RAȚĂ, Pages: 319-331,

Integrating audio-video technology in teaching children the long jump and oina ball throwView

Authors: Andreea GEORGESCU, Aura BALABAN, Adrian GEORGESCU, Antoanela OLTEAN, Pages: 332-344,

Effects of two explosive strength circuits on power, speed and agility in U16 football playersView

Author: Gabriel ZAHARIA, Pages: 345-361,

Role of electromyography in the assessment of lumbar pathologiesView

Authors: Denisa PIELE, Ligia RUSU, Mirela Lucia CALINA, Mihnea MARIN, Pages: 362-378,

Discobolul Volume 61, Issue 4 - December 2022
Academic Editor Professor PhD. Silvia Teodorescu
Online physical education in Bulgaria - advantages and challengesView

Author: Eleonora MILEVA, Pages: 379-389,

The somatomotor profile of U14 basketball playersView

Authors: Miruna Elena TRIFAN, Alina Mihaela STOICA, Adina DREVE, Pages: 390-408,

Strength optimisation by using cross-training in the physical education lesson for military studentsView

Authors: Gabriel CRACANĂ, Virgil TUDOR, Neluţa SMÎDU, Pages: 409-426,

Rehabilitation after lower limb lymphoedema in gynaecological malignancies – the role of physiotherapyView

Authors: Mihnea Peter BORDEA, Ruxandra EL-BSAT, Corina PREDESCU, Răzvan DANCIU, Silviu VOINEA, Cristian BORDEA, Pages: 427-438,

Effects of eccentric/concentric training on morphophysiologic indicators in elite male volleyballView

Authors: Iancu RĂCHITĂ, Nicoleta LEONTE, Ofelia POPESCU, Diana CHILOM, Narcis NEAGU, Pages: 439-450,

Assessing quality of life in patients with surgically corrected valvulopathies after cardiac rehabilitationView

Authors: Radu-Valentin CHIȚĂ, Mircea BRATU, Cozeta-Anca MINCULESCU, Mario DI CARLO, Pages: 451-464,

Rehabilitation of upper motor neuron lesion in children through original methods versus classical methodsView

Authors: Alexandru-Mădălin DINA, Dana NICULESCU, Petruța MITRACHE, Pages: 465-478,

  Journal 2021
Discobolul Volume 60, Issue 1 - March 2021
Cover Page & Contents - March 2021View
A conceptual framework for developing communities of practice for clean sport educationView

Authors: Yannis NTOVOLIS, Despoina OURDA, Vassilis BARKOUKIS, Lambros LAZURAS, Pages: 1-12,

Small details with great effects on speed runningView

Authors: Tomina Dana PETRESCU, Dragoș IONESCU BONDOC, Pages: 13-24,

Stress and coping among Polish and Slovak athletes during the second stage of the COVID-19 pandemic View

Author: Ryszard MAKAROWSKI, Pages: 25-34,

Kitesurfing – a unique movement experienceView

Authors: Valeria BĂLAN, Vlad DRAGOMIRESCU, Marius GHIAȚĂ, Carmen Luminița ONOIU, Camelia BRANEȚ, Pages: 35-44,

Improving speed motor skills in women’s football-tennis for elite playersView

Authors: Corina ȚIFREA, Anamaria GHERGHEL, Pages: 45-60,

Study regarding the effects of sprints on the injury rate of football playersView

Authors: Adina DREVE, Marius STOICA, Cornel BLEJAN, Pages: 61-71,

Appropriateness and effectiveness of adapted aerobic gymnastics programmes for students with partial medical exemptionsView

Author: Diana Consuela MITU, Pages: 72-85,

Discobolul Volume 60, Issue 2 - June 2021
Cover Page & Contents - June 2021View
Concomitance of high-level sportView

Author: Adrian DRAGNEA, Pages: 86-92, 

Study on improving coordination skills in women’s basketball gameView

Authors: Mădălina EPURE, Dana BĂDĂU, Pages: 93-106, 

Concentration time values in two-arm snatch weightlifting, 109-kg junior class (under 20) View

Authors: Daniel Constantin MURĂREȚU, Răzvan-Liviu PETRE, Daniela MURĂREȚU, Marian Daniel TEODORU, Pages: 107-117, 

The effects of using stroboscopic training on sports performance View

Authors: Antonia Ioana TRIFU (VASILE), Monica STĂNESCU, Pages: 118-127, 

Performance standards for physical education – a necessity of the curricular reform View

Authors: Virgil TUDOR, Vera PÎSLARU, Pages: 128-137, 

Scientific considerations regarding the research methodology in craniosacral therapy for cervical pain View

Authors: Anca Maria OLTEAN, Marius STOICA, Vasile MARCU, Adina DREVE, Magdalena BUGHIRICĂ, Pages: 138-149,

Can progression of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis be stopped? A case series conservative treatment results View

Authors: Bogdan GOGA, Mariana CORDUN, Pages: 150-159, 

Developing leadership skills through mountain activities View

Author: Aurel MARIN, Pages: 160-169,  

Temperament and emotional intelligence in the case of sports managers View

Authors: Radu PREDOIU, Eduard Ștefan DUMITRU, Alexandra PREDOIU, Nicoleta GHEORGHIȚĂ, Ștefan-Dănuț TUDORANCEA, Pages: 170-181, 

Ratio of the difficulty criterion in the competitive final score in aerobic gymnastics View

Authors: Mariana MEZEI, Oroles FLORESCU, Nicoleta LEONTE, Ofelia POPESCU, Elena Ștefania CHIRIAC, Pages: 182-196, 

The role of attention in the football game for children and juniors View

Authors: Gheorghe Dan FETEAN, Dan MONEA, Marius ROȘCA, Pages: 197-207, 

Discobolul Volume 60, Issue 3 - September 2021
Cover Page & Contents - September 2021View
Study on approaching the compositional criterion in group rhythmic gymnastics for junior representative teamsView

Authors: Mihaela MANOS, Lavinia POPESCU, Pages: 208-222,

Opportunities and constraints in online physical educationView

Authors: Ioan AUGUSTIN, Nicu OLOGEANU, Doina CROITORU, Pages: 223-231, 

Analysis on the vulnerabilities of middle school students in Mehedinți countyView

Authors: Dan BADEA, Alina MOANȚĂ, Gheorghe GRIGORE, Virgil TUDOR, Ana-Maria MUJEA, Cristina VĂRZARU, Pages: 232-242,

Predictors of superior performance in coaches – the role of A-traitView

Authors: Radu PREDOIU, Alexandra PREDOIU, Ryszard MAKAROWSKI, Andrzej PIOTROWSKI, Raluca PELIN, Georgeta MITRACHE, Pages: 243-253,

Current trends in the training of elite judo athletes View

Authors: Laurențiu BOCIOACĂ, Aurel MARIN, Pages: 254-264,

The duration of technical elements in rhythmic gymnastics jumps – a longitudinal and correlational studyView

Authors: Ștefania CHIRIAC, Silvia TEODORESCU, Aura BOTA, Mariana MEZEI, Pages: 265-279,

Motivations for the training effort of Romanian masters athletes View

Authors: Daniela BABA, Lorand BALINT, Pages: 280-293,

Determining the risk of disease based on Body Mass Index in higher educationView

Authors: Ionuț CORLACI, Adina GEAMBAȘU, Oana IONESCU, Ana Maria GAVOJDEA, Pages: 294-306,

Professional responsibility of coachesView

Authors: Alexandru-Virgil VOICU, Rareș STĂNESCU, Bogdan-Iosif VOICU, Pages: 307-327,

Football in the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic – considerations regarding competition organizationView

Authors: Ciprian PANAIT, Jeferson COLARES, Pages: 328-337,

The beneficial effects of dryland training on prepubertal swimmers – a case studyView

Author: Sonia ALBU, Pages: 338-347,

The importance of using circuit training in the development of speed endurance, agility and body control in male U17 handball players View

Authors: Narcis CRISTEA-MIC, Sorin ȘIMON, Liana Maria COSTEA, Pages: 348-363,

Discobolul Volume 60, Issue 4 - December 2021
Cover Page & Contents - December 2021View
Glucose monitoring for type 1 diabetes mellitus in junior rhythmic gymnastics – a case reportView

Authors: Aura BOTA, Mariana MEZEI, Mihaela VLĂICULESCU, Constanța URZEALĂ, Pages: 364-377,

Dance as a resource for developing the non-cognitive skills of institutionalised childrenView

Authors: Gabriela TOMESCU, Monica STĂNESCU, Mihaela MANOS, Ainur Kamer AIVAZ, Pages: 378-390,

The relationship between heart rate variability and swimming speedView

Authors: Mircea PURCARU, Silvia TEODORESCU, Pages: 391-400,

Strategies for improving communication between coaches and parents – a case study: Romania vs. UKView

Authors: Tudor PALADE, Gheorghe GRIGORE, Pages: 401-415,

The role of physiotherapy treatment in arm lymphoedema associated with breast cancerView

Authors: Mihnea Peter BORDEA, Ruxandra EL-BSAT, Aniela NODITI, Cristian BORDEA, Pages: 416-426,

The intervention of competitive aerobic gymnastics on body postureView

Authors: Mariana CORDUN, Mircea BRATU, Cozeta-Anca MINCULESCU, Oana STOIAN, Alexandra GHEZEA, Radu-Valentin CHIȚĂ, Pages: 427-440,

Physical activity in pregnant womenView

Author: Jana JUŘÍKOVÁ, Pages: 441-453,

Influence of the pandemic on the best Romanian handball leagues for seniorsView

Authors: Cristina VĂRZARU, Virgil TUDOR, Pages: 454-464,

Effective training interventions for the development of speed in fencing: a systematic reviewView

Authors: Petra MAGYAR, Mihaela ORAVIȚAN, Pages: 465-474,

Effect of pediatric flat foot on the sagittal alignment of the pelvis and spineView

Authors: Elena Adelina PANAET, Vasilica GRIGORE, Maria Cristina MAN, Cristina Mihaela DOLINSCHI, Dan Iulian ALEXE, Pages: 475-484,

Individualisation of the training process of tennis players using the heart rate monitorView

Authors: Carmen GRIGOROIU, Teodora WESSELLY, Adrian PRICOP, Mihaela NETOLITZCHI, Camelia BRANEȚ, Pages: 485-498,

Dynamic games – an efficient method in handball trainingView

Author: Cezar HANTĂU, Pages: 499-508,

Has the pandemic changed the cultural profile of the youngest sports teachers?View

Authors: Constanța-Valentina MIHĂILĂ, Gabriela Alina PARASCHIVA, Laurențiu Mihai MIHĂILĂ, Pages: 509-517,

Short-term effects of physical therapy in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. A series of case studiesView

Author: Bogdan GOGA, Pages: 518-529,

Discobolul Volume 60, Supplementary Issue - 2021
Cover Page & Contents - Supplementary Issue 2021View
Logic model for walking interventions in QatarView

Authors: Elena Daniela SALIH KHIDIR, Suzan SAYEG, Monica STĂNESCU, Pages: 530-544,

Effects of cardiorespiratory fitness on cognitive function in middle school students: a systematic reviewView

Authors: Huahua GAO, Cailiang ZHOU, Pages: 545-557,

The principle of doping in sport and the consequences of its useView

Authors: Ecaterina LUNGU, Natalia NASTAS, Pages: 558-566,

Arguments regarding the management of post-mastectomy sequels View

Authors: Oana-Maria BALTAG, Mariana CORDUN, Mihaela APOSTU, Pages: 567-578,

Somatic evaluation of junior handball playersView

Authors: Vlad-Alexandru MUNTIANU, Beatrice-Aurelia ABĂLAȘEI, Pages: 579-589,

Anaerobic capacity assessment of junior basketball players after the pandemic lockdown in RomaniaView

Authors: Nicoleta LEONTE, Alina Daniela MOANŢĂ, Alin SĂFTEL, Gabriel Iulian GHIȚESCU, Carmen TOCALĂ, Pages: 590-599,

Review of the influence of different sports activities on preschooler’s physical fitnessView

Authors: Fang REN, Dongmei LUO, Chengqun YAN, Sibghat Ullah Khan YOUSAFZAI, Xing ZHAO, Pages: 600-612,

Online kinesiotherapy in the context of the COVID-19 pandemicView

Authors: Magdalena BUGHIRICĂ-GEORGESCU, Ștefan TÜDÖS, Pages: 613-623,

Study regarding the interest of physical education students for college during the pandemic View

Authors: Norbert STEFF, Pia Simona FĂGĂRAȘ, Pages: 624-634,

Transformations and contradictions in elite aerobic gymnasticsView

Authors: Gabriel POPESCU, Liliana DINA, Silvia STROESCU, Pages: 635-645,

Comparative analysis regarding gender equality in decision-making positions in different domainsView

Author: Sonia ALBU, Pages: 646-656,

Plyometric training effectiveness on vertical jump in junior female volleyball players: a systematic reviewView

Authors: Liviu GRĂDINARU, Mihaela ORAVIȚAN, Pages: 657-671,

Study regarding the effectiveness of EMS fitness training on improving physical conditionView

Authors: Ștefan DINU-CRISTINESCU, Virgil TUDOR, Pages: 672-685,

Biomechanical analysis of the paravertebral muscle status using imaging methodsView

Authors: Cătălin POPA, Alexandru CHIVARAN, Mihnea MARIN, Hisham Mohammad Othnan ABU TAHA, Mihaela ZĂVĂLEANU, Mihai-Robert RUSU, Ligia RUSU, Pages: 686-698,

The importance of recovery in former rugby playersView

Author: Victor MATEI, Pages: 699-708,

  Journal 2020
Discobolul Volume 59, Issue 1 - March 2020
Cover Page & Contents - March 2020View
Mental features of top level athletesView

Authors: Florin PELIN, Radu PREDOIU, Georgeta MITRACHE, Alexandra PREDOIU, Pages: 5-14,

Sport psychology in the Paralympic environment: perceptions of coaches, athletes and managersView

Author: Alan RINGLAND, Pages: 15-25, 

The role of muscle activation index in motor control - a theoretical presentationView

Authors: Bogdan ANTOHE, Marinela RAȚĂ, Gloria RAȚĂ, Pages: 26-34,

Contribution of step-by-step pedagogy to increasing motivation for physical education and sportsView

Authors: Alina-Gabriela RUSĂNESCU, Vasilica GRIGORE, Pages: 35-44,

Quantitative analysis of men’s EHF Euro 2020, Sweden-Austria-NorwayView

Authors: Cristina VĂRZARU, Adrian GEORGESCU, Florin CAZAN, Pages: 45-55,

Psychomotor evaluation of athlete and non-athlete childrenView

Authors: Dan Alexandru SZABO, Nicolae NEAGU, Mariana ARDELEAN, Ioan Sabin SOPA, Pages: 56-69,

Optimal kinematic characteristics of the uneven bars dismounts - a case studyView

Authors: Valerian Nicolae FORMINTE, Vladimir POTOP, Ramona MICU, Emilia Florina GROSU, Pages: 70-80,

Efficiency of the progressive stretching method in developing female students’ flexibility in the cheerleading teamView

Authors: Carmen GRIGOROIU, Adrian PRICOP, Pages: 81-93,

Discobolul Volume 59, Issue 2 - June 2020
Cover Page & Contents - June 2020View
An examination of football players’ beliefs about anti-doping education View

Authors: Andreas LOUKOVITIS, Lida SKOUFA, Vassilis BARKOUKIS, Pages: 94-106,

Aspects of adaptation in the sports training of students who practise powerliftingView

Authors: Viorel DORGAN, Dumitru PRODAN, Pages: 107-120,

Effects of physical exercise on a multiparous patient in the prepartum period. Case studyView

Authors: Horia CROITORU, Silvia TEODORESCU, Carmen ENE-VOICULESCU, Pages: 121-130,

Study on improving heel strike by constraint-induced movement in patients with strokeView

Authors: Sergiu MITROI, Mariana CORDUN, Mircea BRATU, Carmen Liliana GHERGHEL, Bogdan GOGA, Oana Cristiana STOIAN, Alexandra GHEZEA, Oana BALTAG, Pages: 131-142,

The perceived level of physical condition in young people aged 20-22 yearsView

Authors: Raluca PELIN, Carmen GRIGOROIU, Teodora WESSELLY, Mihaela NETOLITZCHI, Pages: 143-155,

Gymnastics – an atraction for students at risk of school dropout to participate in extracurricular activitiesView

Authors: Vasilica GRIGORE, Ana-Maria GAVOJDEA, Pages: 156-166,

The physical education lesson as seen by the students of Politehnica BucharestView

Authors: Oroles FLORESCU, Mariana MEZEI, Camelia BRANEȚ, Adrian PRICOP, Pages: 167-178,

The importance of holistic intervention in children and adolescent obesityView

Authors: Anamaria Gabriela IULIAN, Dorina Maria NIJLOVEANU, Alexandra PREDOIU, Radu PREDOIU, Pages: 179-188,

Reducing the muscle chain hypertonia through myofascial techniques in athletesView

Authors: Bogdan ANTOHE, Gloria RAȚĂ, Marinela RAȚĂ, Pages: 189-201,

Discobolul Volume 59, Issue 3 - September 2020
Cover Page & Contents - September 2020View
Diversification of sports activities in technical higher education by improving sports facilities View

Authors: Adrian Daniel PRICOP, Raluca PELIN, Oroles FLORESCU, Mariana MEZEI, Pages: 202-215,

The pass efficiency of midfield players is correlated with goals scored in modern football View

Authors: Ciprian PANAIT, Jeferson COLARES, Pages: 216-235,

Analysis of the necessity to promote girls’ rugby sevens in Romanian schoolsView

Authors: Ana-Maria ȘURUBA-RUSEN (VASILIU), Dan BADEA, Manuel CARABIAS HERRERO, Pages: 236-244,

Visualisation techniques in sport - the mental road map for successView

Authors: Radu PREDOIU, Alexandra PREDOIU, Georgeta MITRACHE, Mădălina FIRĂNESCU, Germina COSMA, Gheorghe DINUŢĂ, Răzvan Alexandru BUCUROIU, Pages: 245-256,

The impact of introducing fitness themes in the physical education lesson on adolescent girlsView

Authors: Ștefan TÜDÖS, Ștefan Dragoș TOADER, Nicoleta LEONTE, Ștefan Dănuț TUDORANCEA, Pages: 257-270,

Coordination in formation dancesport at beginner levelView

Authors: Mihaela ZAHIU, Mihaela MANOS, George Florian DRĂGHICI, Pages: 271-288,

Women vs men – technical and tactical efficiency in footballView

Authors: Tudor PALADE, Gheorghe GRIGORE, Garry BARREL, Pages: 289-300,

How do Romanian patients perceive and experience public and private rehabilitation services?View

Authors: Alexandra-Camelia GLIGA, Nicolae NEAGU, Dan-Alexandru SZABO, Pages: 301-311,

Beliefs of Greek sport volunteers about their competencies in volunteeringView

Authors: Olga BOPOTA, Andreas LOUKOVITIS, Virginia POLITI, Theofylaktos ANASTASIADIS, Vassilis BARKOUKIS, Pages: 312-321,

Discobolul Volume 59, Issue 4 - December 2020
Cover Page & Contents - December 2020View
Cues for the sports training of preschool and primary school children View

Authors: Silvia TEODORESCU, Constanța URZEALĂ, Pages: 322-332,

A protocol study for the investigation of chemically-assisted performance enhancement in four domains View

Authors: Despoina OURDA, Lida SKOUFA, Vassilis BARKOUKIS, Haralambos TSORBATZOUDIS, Pages: 333-346,

Analysis on the vulnerability of the middle-school population in Vaslui countyView

Authors: Dan BADEA, Sorin CIOLCĂ, Grigore GHEORGHE, Pages: 347-360,

Improving balance in beginner skiersView

Author: Ștefan Dragoș TOADER, Pages: 361-375,

Improvement of psychomotricity for junior wrestlers using strength training exercisesView

Authors: Florentin VASILESCU, Corina ȚIFREA, Pages: 376-389,

Psychomotor and cognitive skills that make a difference in tennis players at national levelView

Authors: Radu PREDOIU, Răzvan ITU, Costel CURCĂ, Ștefan TÜDÖS, Rareș STĂNESCU, Alexandra PREDOIU, Lucian Mihai CIUNTEA, Pages: 390-404,

Impact of video analysis of mini-handbal games on children trainingView

Authors: Cezar HANTĂU, Vladi IONESCU, Athanasios YANNAKOS, Narcis NEAGU, Pages: 405-417,

Vault finals analysis in women’s artistic gymnastics at world competitions 2016-2019 View

Authors: Ionuț CORLACI, Ana-Maria GAVOJDEA, Mihaela MANOS, José FERREIRINHA, Pages: 418-434,

Opinions of teachers about students with special educational needsView

Authors: Ana-Maria SORA, Alina-Gabriela RUSĂNESCU, Pages: 435-446,

Influence of the Insanity Workout on the exercise capacity of military students View

Authors: Virgil TUDOR, Dănuț SMÎDU, Ion FRĂȚILĂ, Neluța SMÎDU, Pages: 447-459,

Aspects regarding strength and agility in junior III water polo playersView

Authors: Gheorghe MARINESCU, Laurențiu Daniel TICALĂ, Adrian RĂDULESCU, Cristina VĂRZARU, Ana Maria MUJEA, Elena Daniela SALIH KHIDIR, Pages: 460-471,

Comparative test of heart rate evolution between two groups of untrained men and womenView

Author: Mihai-Cosmin CIOCÎRLAN, Pages: 472-483,

Discobolul Volume 59, Supplementary Issue - 2020
Cover Page & Contents - Supplementary Issue 2020View
Benefits of Nordic walkingView

Authors: Jana JURIKOVA, Jan KYZLINK, Pages: 484-495,

A serious game against doping: evaluation of game usability, ease and users’ enjoymentView

Authors: Efthymios ZIAGKAS, Agisilaos CHALDOGERIDIS, Nikolaos POLITOPOULOS, Thrasyvoulos TSIATSOS, Vassilis BARKOUKIS, Pages: 496-506,

Impact of the FIG Code of Points on exercise composition in group rhythmic gymnasticsView

Authors: Mihaela MANOS, Lavinia POPESCU, Pages: 507-521,

The role of physical education activities at motor and psychological levels – teachers’ perceptionView

Authors: Florin PELIN, Aage RADMANN, Georgeta MITRACHE, Corina CIOLCĂ, Radu PREDOIU, Alin-Mihăiță SĂFTEL, Pages: 522-532,

Managing the formation of naval pentatlon team of the “Mircea cel Bătrân” Naval Academy View

Authors: Constantin Cristinel OLARU, Silvia TEODORESCU, Virgil ENE-VOICULESCU, Pages: 533-542,

The difficulties encountered by women in pursuing a managerial career in sportsView

Authors: Sonia ALBU, Vasilica GRIGORE, Pages: 543-553,

Relevance of the speed-agility reaction in the preparation of rugby sevens players View

Authors: Maria-Emilia VIZITIU, Viorel COJOCARU, Dan BADEA, Pages: 554-564,

Optimisation of management activity in sports organizationsView

Authors: Florentin VASILESCU, Corina ȚIFREA, Pages: 565-580,

Assessing the specific factors of exercise capacity in performance judo View

Author: Laurențiu BOCIOACĂ, Pages: 581-591,

Comparative tactical analysis on the defensive phase of the Real Madrid and FCSB football teams View

Authors: Ion FRĂȚILĂ, Dănuț SMÎDU, Neluța SMÎDU, Pages: 592-601,

Reshaping technical difficulty in relation to changes in the Code of Points View

Author: Ștefania CHIRIAC, Pages: 602-613,

  Journal 2019
Discobolul No. 55 - March 2019View
Discobolul No. 56 - June 2019View
Discobolul No. 57 - September 2019View
Discobolul No. 58 - December 2019View
International Proceedings of Human Motricity/ ICPESK 2019 Supplementary Issue of Discobolul – Physical Education, Sport and Kinetotherapy Journal
Cover Page & ContentsView
Study regarding sport managers’ personality profileView

Authors: Sonia ALBU, Vasilica GRIGORE, Pages: 1-5,

Somatic and motor profile of the population at risk of social exclusionView

Author: Dan BADEA, Pages: 6-11,

Children’s motor skills vs. virtual realityView

Authors: Irina BĂIȚEL, Luminița PĂTRU, Pages: 12-20,

Ways to achieve progression in the football gameView

Authors: Dumitru BARBU, Doru STOICA, Pages: 21-28,

Resilience, stressors and protective factors in sports performanceView

Authors: Roxana BEJAN-MUREȘAN, Adrian CINPEANU, Pages: 29-34, 

Analysis of the specific effort in performance judoView

Author: Laurenţiu BOCIOACĂ, Pages: 35-40,

Study on the impact of aerobic exercise on self-image in young women View

Authors: Camelia BRANEȚ, Oroles FLORESCU, Adrian PRICOP, Iancu RĂCHITĂ, Pages: 41-47,

Body difficulties in junior rhythmic gymnastics according to the fig code of pointsView

Authors: Ștefania CHIRIAC, Silvia TEODORESCU, Aura BOTA, Pages: 48-55,

Strategies for the social integration of youth through sport activitiesView

Authors: Corina CIOLCĂ, Iulian Gabriel GHIȚESCU, Pages: 56-62,

Food principles providing muscular activity energy in the sports training of students practicing powerliftingView

Authors: Viorel DORGAN, Dumitru PRODAN, Natalia NASTAS, Pages: 63-69,

ENTy – a Romanian system for the objective evaluation of balance in humansView

Authors: Mădălina GEORGESCU, Daniel ROSNER, Cristian ALEXANDRESCU, Flavia OPREA, Andrei OSMAN, Pages: 70-75,

Gait rehabilitation using the Huber 360 platform in multiple sclerosisView

Authors: Carmen Liliana GHERGHEL, Mariana CORDUN, Gigi TEODORU, Lucian Călin MARIN, Pages: 76-79,

Rehabilitation of muscle strength by means of the Huber 360 platform in lumbar radiculopathyView

Authors: Carmen Liliana GHERGHEL, Mariana CORDUN, Ovidiu Cristian CHIRIAC, Lucian Călin MARIN, Pages: 80-84,

Considerations regarding the psychomotor assessment of students in the vocational primary educationView

Authors: Bogdan GOZU, Gabriela PANĂ, Pages: 85-90,

The coach-parent relationship in juvenile footballView

Authors: Gheorghe GRIGORE, Sorin CIOLCĂ, Tudor PALADE, Pages: 91-96,

The influence of physiotherapy on functional fitness of adults with Down syndromeView

Authors: Ilona ILINCA, Eugenia ROȘULESCU, Germina COSMA, Mircea DANOIU, Pages: 97-103,

Physical activity of truck driversView

Authors: Jana JURIKOVA, Sandra BERGEROVA, Pages: 104-111,

Research on the time perception in athletesView

Authors: Maxim KOCHERYAN, Igor SEMENET, Elena DAVYDOVA, Stanislava FAGINA, Pages: 112-117,

The psychological profile of group rhythmic gymnastsView

Authors: Mihaela MANOS, Lavinia POPESCU, Pages: 118-125,

Optimisation of selection in aerobic gymnastics by correlating physical and technical elementsView

Authors: Mariana MEZEI, Teodora WESSELLY, Raluca Anca PELIN, Carmen GRIGOROIU, Pages: 126-134,

Study on stress level in elite junior gymnastsView

Authors: Georgeta MITRACHE, Aura BOTA, Constanța URZEALĂ, Ștefania CHIRIAC, Pages: 135-141,

Heart rate values of the Romanian wheelchair basketball playersView

Authors: Alina Daniela MOANȚĂ, Gabriel Iulian GHIȚESCU, Alin Mihăiță SĂFTEL, Nicoleta LEONTE, Pages: 142-147,

Development of precision in people with Down syndrome through the means of bocceView

Authors: Ana Maria MUJEA, Carmen Liliana GHERGHEL, Valeria BĂLAN, Pages: 148-154,

Physical training specific to cadet cyclists in the time trialsView

Authors: Narcis NEAGU, Carmen GRIGOROIU, Raluca PELIN, Mihaela NETOLITZCHI, Pages: 155-159,

Increasing precision and optimising efficiency in distance basketball shooting (6.75 m)View

Authors: Mihaela NETOLITZCHI, Nicoleta LEONTE, Ofelia POPESCU, Camelia BRANEȚ, Pages: 160-164,

Influence of swimming on weight control in pubertal children with Down syndromeView

Authors: Ioana OPRIŞESCU, Valeria BĂLAN, Pages: 165-173,

The kinematical model of the elbow joint with one degree of freedomView

Authors: Petronela PARASCHIV, Ramona CIMPOEȘU, Mihai DUMITRU, Ciprian PARASCHIV, Pages: 174-180,

Health-related quality of life in Ukrainian young children: self-reports and proxy reportsView

Authors: Iuliia PAVLOVA, Oksana FEDECHKO, Ivanna BODNAR, Pages: 181-187,

Particularities specific to the training of gymnasts with Down syndrome for high-level competitionsView

Authors: Gabriel POPESCU, Silvia STROESCU, Pages: 188-194,

The role of self-image and motivation in sports performanceView

Authors: Ileana Monica POPOVICI, Cristina Elena MORARU, Pages: 195-201,

Analysis of the quantity and quality parameters in the high bar competitive routinesView

Authors: Vladimir POTOP, Vasilica GRIGORE, Marian CREŢU, Valeriu JURAT, Pages: 202-209,

Contribution of the biomechanical criteria to the teaching and learning of exercises on balance beamView

Authors: Vladimir POTOP, Vasilica GRIGORE, Mariana CÎMPEANU, Victor BUFTEA, Carolina MOGA, Pages: 210-216,

Methodological concept of hypothesis building and verification in behavioural researchView

Author: Ioan Rudi PRISĂCARU, Pages: 217-222,

Adaptation of muscle metabolism and cardiac activity in specific endurance trainingView

Authors: Mihaela PUIU, Simona BIDIUGAN, Pages: 223-229,

The tetanoid training method in high-performance alpine skiingView

Authors: Iancu RĂCHITĂ, Nicoleta LEONTE, Ofelia POPESCU, Marian PETROF, Pages: 230-234,

Physiological differences between prepubertal and pubertal swimmers in performing an anaerobic effortView

Authors: Adrian RĂDULESCU, Gheorghe MARINESCU, Laurențiu Daniel TICALĂ, Pages: 235-240,

Monitoring and testing motor skills in young soccer playersView

Authors: Gaetano RAIOLA, Francesca D’ELIA, Tiziana D’ISANTO, Gaetano ALTAVILLA, Pages: 241-246,

The evaluation of endurance improvement in the transition periodView

Authors: Gaetano RAIOLA, Tiziana D’ISANTO, Francesca D’ELIA, Gaetano ALTAVILLA, Pages: 247-250,

Cognitive stimulation strategy in the professional training processView

Authors: Gloria RAȚĂ, Marinela RAȚĂ, Bogdan Constantin RAȚĂ, Pages: 251-256,

Manifestations of attention in junior female handball playersView

Authors: Cristina ROMILA, Sabina MACOVEI, Florentina TONIȚA, Pages: 257-265,

Study on the need for judicious physical training of junior dancersView

Author: Alin Cristian ROSA, Pages: 266-273,

Sports influence on the formation of personal deformationsView

Authors: Petr RYSKIN, Igor SEMENET, Irina VASHLIAEVA, Natalia SHURALEVA, Pages: 274-279,

Formation and development of professional reliability of future physical education teachersView

Authors: Oleksandr SOLTYK, Bogdan VYNOGRADSKYI, Yevgen PAVLYUK, Tetyana CHOPYK, Oleksandr ANTONIUK, Oksana PAVLYUK, Iuliia PAVLOVA, Pages: 280-287,

Developing sport integrity competences in pre-service coachesView

Authors: Monica STĂNESCU, Vasilica GRIGORE, Marius STOICESCU, Pompiliu Nicolae CONSTANTIN, Pages: 288-297,

Aspects regarding the cognitive training of high-performance football playersView

Authors: Marius STOICA, Cornel BLEJAN, Adina DREVE, Pages: 298-303,

Body Mass Index of students with intellectual disabilities in BucharestView

Authors: Vicol Eduard ȘUȚĂ, Tiberiu TĂTARU, Laurenţiu OPREA, Lizia Ioana ȘUȚĂ, Pages: 304-310,

Possible correlations between aerobic power and anaerobic lactacid capacity in handball playersView

Authors: Florin TROFIN, Cezar HONCERIU, Pages: 311-316,

Heart rate in maximum aerobic effort and anaerobic lactacid capacity in female handball players View

Authors: Florin TROFIN, Beatrice ABALAȘEI, Pages: 317-322,

The profile of personal autonomy in athlete and non-athlete adolescentsView

Authors: Ştefan TÜDÖS, Georgeta MITRACHE, Radu PREDOIU, Ștefan Dănuţ TUDORANCEA, Pages: 323-330,

Analysis of stick shooting in oina game using the biomechanical parametersView

Authors: Cristian VĂDUVA, Gheorghe MONEA, Mihnea MARIN, Ligia RUSU, Pages: 331-338,

Romania’s handball team offence play at the EFH Euro 2018View

Authors: Cristina VĂRZARU, Virgil TUDOR, Viorel COJOCARU, Marina IGOROV,Ana-Maria MUJEA, Pages: 339-344,

National fitness trendsView

Authors: Anastasiia VOROBIOVA, Marina VASYLENKO, Nadiia VYSOCHINA, Pages: 345-350,

Optimisation of explosive strength in beginner female volleyball playersView

Authors: Teodora WESSELLY, Mariana MEZEI, Oroles FLORESCU, Narcis NEAGU, Adrian PRICOP, Pages: 351-355,

A profile of eye-hand coordination and form constancy in performance dancesportView

Authors: Mihaela ZAHIU, Sabina MACOVEI, Radu PREDOIU, Costinel MIHAIU, Maria GRIGORE, Pages: 356-362,

  Journal 2018
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