Journal 2020
Discobolul Volume 59, Issue 1 - March 2020
Cover Page & Contents - March 2020View
Mental features of top level athletesView

Authors: Florin PELIN, Radu PREDOIU, Georgeta MITRACHE, Alexandra PREDOIU, Pages: 5-14,

Sport psychology in the Paralympic environment: perceptions of coaches, athletes and managersView

Author: Alan RINGLAND, Pages: 15-25, 

The role of muscle activation index in motor control - a theoretical presentationView

Authors: Bogdan ANTOHE, Marinela RAȚĂ, Gloria RAȚĂ, Pages: 26-34,

Contribution of step-by-step pedagogy to increasing motivation for physical education and sportsView

Authors: Alina-Gabriela RUSĂNESCU, Vasilica GRIGORE, Pages: 35-44,

Quantitative analysis of men’s EHF Euro 2020, Sweden-Austria-NorwayView

Authors: Cristina VĂRZARU, Adrian GEORGESCU, Florin CAZAN, Pages: 45-55,

Psychomotor evaluation of athlete and non-athlete childrenView

Authors: Dan Alexandru SZABO, Nicolae NEAGU, Mariana ARDELEAN, Ioan Sabin SOPA, Pages: 56-69,

Optimal kinematic characteristics of the uneven bars dismounts - a case studyView

Authors: Valerian Nicolae FORMINTE, Vladimir POTOP, Ramona MICU, Emilia Florina GROSU, Pages: 70-80,

Efficiency of the progressive stretching method in developing female students’ flexibility in the cheerleading teamView

Authors: Carmen GRIGOROIU, Adrian PRICOP, Pages: 81-93,

Discobolul Volume 59, Issue 2 - June 2020
Cover Page & Contents - June 2020View
An examination of football players’ beliefs about anti-doping education View

Authors: Andreas LOUKOVITIS, Lida SKOUFA, Vassilis BARKOUKIS, Pages: 94-106,

Aspects of adaptation in the sports training of students who practise powerliftingView

Authors: Viorel DORGAN, Dumitru PRODAN, Pages: 107-120,

Effects of physical exercise on a multiparous patient in the prepartum period. Case studyView

Authors: Horia CROITORU, Silvia TEODORESCU, Carmen ENE-VOICULESCU, Pages: 121-130,

Study on improving heel strike by constraint-induced movement in patients with strokeView

Authors: Sergiu MITROI, Mariana CORDUN, Mircea BRATU, Carmen Liliana GHERGHEL, Bogdan GOGA, Oana Cristiana STOIAN, Alexandra GHEZEA, Oana BALTAG, Pages: 131-142,

The perceived level of physical condition in young people aged 20-22 yearsView

Authors: Raluca PELIN, Carmen GRIGOROIU, Teodora WESSELLY, Mihaela NETOLITZCHI, Pages: 143-155,

Gymnastics – an atraction for students at risk of school dropout to participate in extracurricular activitiesView

Authors: Vasilica GRIGORE, Ana-Maria GAVOJDEA, Pages: 156-166,

The physical education lesson as seen by the students of Politehnica BucharestView

Authors: Oroles FLORESCU, Mariana MEZEI, Camelia BRANEȚ, Adrian PRICOP, Pages: 167-178,

The importance of holistic intervention in children and adolescent obesityView

Authors: Anamaria Gabriela IULIAN, Dorina Maria NIJLOVEANU, Alexandra PREDOIU, Radu PREDOIU, Pages: 179-188,

Reducing the muscle chain hypertonia through myofascial techniques in athletesView

Authors: Bogdan ANTOHE, Gloria RAȚĂ, Marinela RAȚĂ, Pages: 189-201,

Discobolul Volume 59, Issue 3 - September 2020
Cover Page & Contents - September 2020View
Diversification of sports activities in technical higher education by improving sports facilities View

Authors: Adrian Daniel PRICOP, Raluca PELIN, Oroles FLORESCU, Mariana MEZEI, Pages: 202-215,

The pass efficiency of midfield players is correlated with goals scored in modern football View

Authors: Ciprian PANAIT, Jeferson COLARES, Pages: 216-235,

Analysis of the necessity to promote girls’ rugby sevens in Romanian schoolsView

Authors: Ana-Maria ȘURUBA-RUSEN (VASILIU), Dan BADEA, Manuel CARABIAS HERRERO, Pages: 236-244,

Visualisation techniques in sport - the mental road map for successView

Authors: Radu PREDOIU, Alexandra PREDOIU, Georgeta MITRACHE, Mădălina FIRĂNESCU, Germina COSMA, Gheorghe DINUŢĂ, Răzvan Alexandru BUCUROIU, Pages: 245-256,

The impact of introducing fitness themes in the physical education lesson on adolescent girlsView

Authors: Ștefan TÜDÖS, Ștefan Dragoș TOADER, Nicoleta LEONTE, Ștefan Dănuț TUDORANCEA, Pages: 257-270,

Coordination in formation dancesport at beginner levelView

Authors: Mihaela ZAHIU, Mihaela MANOS, George Florian DRĂGHICI, Pages: 271-288,

Women vs men – technical and tactical efficiency in footballView

Authors: Tudor PALADE, Gheorghe GRIGORE, Garry BARREL, Pages: 289-300,

How do Romanian patients perceive and experience public and private rehabilitation services?View

Authors: Alexandra-Camelia GLIGA, Nicolae NEAGU, Dan-Alexandru SZABO, Pages: 301-311,

Beliefs of Greek sport volunteers about their competencies in volunteeringView

Authors: Olga BOPOTA, Andreas LOUKOVITIS, Virginia POLITI, Theofylaktos ANASTASIADIS, Vassilis BARKOUKIS, Pages: 312-321,

Discobolul Volume 59, Issue 4 - December 2020
Cover Page & Contents - December 2020View
Cues for the sports training of preschool and primary school children View

Authors: Silvia TEODORESCU, Constanța URZEALĂ, Pages: 322-332,

A protocol study for the investigation of chemically-assisted performance enhancement in four domains View

Authors: Despoina OURDA, Lida SKOUFA, Vassilis BARKOUKIS, Haralambos TSORBATZOUDIS, Pages: 333-346,

Analysis on the vulnerability of the middle-school population in Vaslui countyView

Authors: Dan BADEA, Sorin CIOLCĂ, Grigore GHEORGHE, Pages: 347-360,

Improving balance in beginner skiersView

Author: Ștefan Dragoș TOADER, Pages: 361-375,

Improvement of psychomotricity for junior wrestlers using strength training exercisesView

Authors: Florentin VASILESCU, Corina ȚIFREA, Pages: 376-389,

Psychomotor and cognitive skills that make a difference in tennis players at national levelView

Authors: Radu PREDOIU, Răzvan ITU, Costel CURCĂ, Ștefan TÜDÖS, Rareș STĂNESCU, Alexandra PREDOIU, Lucian Mihai CIUNTEA, Pages: 390-404,

Impact of video analysis of mini-handbal games on children trainingView

Authors: Cezar HANTĂU, Vladi IONESCU, Athanasios YANNAKOS, Narcis NEAGU, Pages: 405-417,

Vault finals analysis in women’s artistic gymnastics at world competitions 2016-2019 View

Authors: Ionuț CORLACI, Ana-Maria GAVOJDEA, Mihaela MANOS, José FERREIRINHA, Pages: 418-434,

Opinions of teachers about students with special educational needsView

Authors: Ana-Maria SORA, Alina-Gabriela RUSĂNESCU, Pages: 435-446,

Influence of the Insanity Workout on the exercise capacity of military students View

Authors: Virgil TUDOR, Dănuț SMÎDU, Ion FRĂȚILĂ, Neluța SMÎDU, Pages: 447-459,

Aspects regarding strength and agility in junior III water polo playersView

Authors: Gheorghe MARINESCU, Laurențiu Daniel TICALĂ, Adrian RĂDULESCU, Cristina VĂRZARU, Ana Maria MUJEA, Elena Daniela SALIH KHIDIR, Pages: 460-471,

Comparative test of heart rate evolution between two groups of untrained men and womenView

Author: Mihai-Cosmin CIOCÎRLAN, Pages: 472-483,

Discobolul Volume 59, Supplementary Issue - 2020
Cover Page & Contents - Supplementary Issue 2020View
Benefits of Nordic walkingView

Authors: Jana JURIKOVA, Jan KYZLINK, Pages: 484-495,

A serious game against doping: evaluation of game usability, ease and users’ enjoymentView

Authors: Efthymios ZIAGKAS, Agisilaos CHALDOGERIDIS, Nikolaos POLITOPOULOS, Thrasyvoulos TSIATSOS, Vassilis BARKOUKIS, Pages: 496-506,

Impact of the FIG Code of Points on exercise composition in group rhythmic gymnasticsView

Authors: Mihaela MANOS, Lavinia POPESCU, Pages: 507-521,

The role of physical education activities at motor and psychological levels – teachers’ perceptionView

Authors: Florin PELIN, Aage RADMANN, Georgeta MITRACHE, Corina CIOLCĂ, Radu PREDOIU, Alin-Mihăiță SĂFTEL, Pages: 522-532,

Managing the formation of naval pentatlon team of the “Mircea cel Bătrân” Naval Academy View

Authors: Constantin Cristinel OLARU, Silvia TEODORESCU, Virgil ENE-VOICULESCU, Pages: 533-542,

The difficulties encountered by women in pursuing a managerial career in sportsView

Authors: Sonia ALBU, Vasilica GRIGORE, Pages: 543-553,

Relevance of the speed-agility reaction in the preparation of rugby sevens players View

Authors: Maria-Emilia VIZITIU, Viorel COJOCARU, Dan BADEA, Pages: 554-564,

Optimisation of management activity in sports organizationsView

Authors: Florentin VASILESCU, Corina ȚIFREA, Pages: 565-580,

Assessing the specific factors of exercise capacity in performance judo View

Author: Laurențiu BOCIOACĂ, Pages: 581-591,

Comparative tactical analysis on the defensive phase of the Real Madrid and FCSB football teams View

Authors: Ion FRĂȚILĂ, Dănuț SMÎDU, Neluța SMÎDU, Pages: 592-601,

Reshaping technical difficulty in relation to changes in the Code of Points View

Author: Ștefania CHIRIAC, Pages: 602-613,