Journal 2020
Discobolul Volume 59, Issue 1 - March 2020
Cover Page & Contents - March 2020View
Mental features of top level athletesView

Authors: Florin PELIN, Radu PREDOIU, Georgeta MITRACHE, Alexandra PREDOIU, Pages: 5-14,

Sport psychology in the Paralympic environment: perceptions of coaches, athletes and managersView

Author: Alan RINGLAND, Pages: 15-25, 

The role of muscle activation index in motor control - a theoretical presentationView

Authors: Bogdan ANTOHE, Marinela RAȚĂ, Gloria RAȚĂ, Pages: 26-34,

Contribution of step-by-step pedagogy to increasing motivation for physical education and sportsView

Authors: Alina-Gabriela RUSĂNESCU, Vasilica GRIGORE, Pages: 35-44,

Quantitative analysis of men’s EHF Euro 2020, Sweden-Austria-NorwayView

Authors: Cristina VĂRZARU, Adrian GEORGESCU, Florin CAZAN, Pages: 45-55,

Psychomotor evaluation of athlete and non-athlete childrenView

Authors: Dan Alexandru SZABO, Nicolae NEAGU, Mariana ARDELEAN, Ioan Sabin SOPA, Pages: 56-69,

Optimal kinematic characteristics of the uneven bars dismounts - a case studyView

Authors: Valerian Nicolae FORMINTE, Vladimir POTOP, Ramona MICU, Emilia Florina GROSU, Pages: 70-80,

Efficiency of the progressive stretching method in developing female students’ flexibility in the cheerleading teamView

Authors: Carmen GRIGOROIU, Adrian PRICOP, Pages: 81-93,