Journal 2021
Discobolul Volume 60, Issue 1 - March 2021
Cover Page & Contents - March 2021View
A conceptual framework for developing communities of practice for clean sport educationView

Authors: Yannis NTOVOLIS, Despoina OURDA, Vassilis BARKOUKIS, Lambros LAZURAS, Pages: 1-12,

Small details with great effects on speed runningView

Authors: Tomina Dana PETRESCU, Dragoș IONESCU BONDOC, Pages: 13-24,

Stress and coping among Polish and Slovak athletes during the second stage of the COVID-19 pandemic View

Author: Ryszard MAKAROWSKI, Pages: 25-34,

Kitesurfing – a unique movement experienceView

Authors: Valeria BĂLAN, Vlad DRAGOMIRESCU, Marius GHIAȚĂ, Carmen Luminița ONOIU, Camelia BRANEȚ, Pages: 35-44,

Improving speed motor skills in women’s football-tennis for elite playersView

Authors: Corina ȚIFREA, Anamaria GHERGHEL, Pages: 45-60,

Study regarding the effects of sprints on the injury rate of football playersView

Authors: Adina DREVE, Marius STOICA, Cornel BLEJAN, Pages: 61-71,

Appropriateness and effectiveness of adapted aerobic gymnastics programmes for students with partial medical exemptionsView

Author: Diana Consuela MITU, Pages: 72-85,