Journal 2022
Discobolul Volume 61, Issue 1 - March 2022
Academic Editor Professor PhD. Monica Stănescu
Optimisation of the ankle sprain recovery process for junior footballers by computerised dynamometersView

Authors: Kristo XHARDO, Mariana CORDUN, Pages: 1-14,

Biomotor profile of children at risk of educational and social exclusion in north-eastern RomaniaView

Authors: Virgil TUDOR, Florin PELIN, Gabriel Iulian GHIȚESCU, Corina CIOLCĂ, Sorin CIOLCĂ, Dan BADEA, Laurențiu Daniel TICALĂ, Marius STOICESCU, Ana-Maria MUJEA, Eduard URSU, Mihaela CIOBANU, Constantin Iulian HONDRU, Pages: 15-28,

Study regarding the introduction of modern technology in the physical education classView

Authors: Germina-Alina COSMA, Elena Daniela POPESCU, Amalia-Raluca STEPAN, Alexandra PREDOIU, Pages: 29-40,

Eating habits of students from the Faculty of Sport and the Faculty of MedicineView

Authors: Adriana ALBU, Ionuț ONOSE, Raluca-Mihaela ONOSE, Beatrice ABĂLAȘEI, Pages: 41-48,

Study on the factors influencing the quality of life of older adultsView

Authors: Constanța URZEALĂ, Veronica POPESCU, Silvia TEODORESCU, Pages: 49-59,

Screening of simplifying indicators of gross motor development in preschoolersView

Authors: Tianfang WANG, Dongmei LUO, Jiebo CHEN, Zhen LI, Xing ZHAO, Sibghat Ullah Khan YOUSAFZAI, Pages: 60-72,

Study on temperament and the occurrence of joint injuries in football-tennisView

Authors: Ana-Maria RIZESCU, Radu PREDOIU, Pages: 73-92,

Assessment of foot posture changesView

Authors: Carmen Liliana GHERGHEL, Gelu COSMA, Pages: 93-102,

Effects of Schroth method physiotherapy on active range of motion of the spineView

Authors: Bogdan GOGA, Corina PREDESCU, Sergiu MITROI, Pages: 103-116,

Study on the concentration of attention in children playing footballView

Authors: Rafael VIȘAN, Marius STOICA, Adina DREVE, Pages: 117-129,

Increasing the level of performance in tango dancers using the turning board training deviceView

Author: Csongor KICSI, Pages: 130-142,

Study regarding increased range of motion and muscular force in knee joint sprainsView

Authors: Neonila Gabriela ȘTEFAN, Răzvan Andrei TOMOZEI, Raluca Anca TANASĂ, Cristina Elena MORARU, Pages: 143-154,

Study on physical training in tennis performanceView

Authors: Ioana ROȘCULEȚ, Corina ȚIFREA, Ana-Maria VASILIU, Jose VILAÇA-ALVES, Pages: 155-165,

Discobolul Volume 61, Issue 2 - June 2022
Academic Editor Associate Professor PhD. Radu Predoiu
Improving artistic expressiveness in standard dances – youth levelView

Author: Oana-Alina SOFRON, Pages: 166-177,

The relationship between cardiopulmonary function and cognitive function in the elderly in BeijingView

Authors: Hongbin JIANG, Cailiang ZHOU, Pages: 178-187,

Increasing the personal autonomy of preadolescents from rural areasView

Author: Ana GAVRILESCU, Pages: 188-198,

Radiography of the athletics training modernisation in RomaniaView

Authors: Robert-Valentin MUNTEANU, Corina ȚIFREA, Pages: 199-209,

Examination of physical education teachers’ opinions and motivation levels during the COVID-19 pandemicView

Authors: Seda BOSTANOGLU, Numan Bahadır KAYISOGLU, Pages: 210-221,

Comparative analysis of the results obtained by groups of football goalkeepersView

Authors: Iustin Adrian CROITORU, Monica COJOCARU, Pages: 222-232,

Changes of plantar arch after global physical exercises in high school studentsView

Authors: Mihai-Alexandru CÎTEA, Mariana CORDUN, Pages: 233-247,

Improving quality of life among Ministry of National Defence workers through proprioceptive exercisesView

Author: Bogdan ROȘU, Pages: 248-264,

Discobolul Volume 61, Issue 3 - September 2022
Academic Editor Professor PhD. Aura Bota
Study regarding the functional level of the upper limb after mastectomyView

Authors: Oana Maria BALTAG, Mihaela APOSTU, Georgios SAKELLARIOU, Pages: 265-276,

Physiotherapy exercise protocol of pelvic floor muscles for young female athletes with urinary incontinenceView

Authors: Alexandra TUFA, Silvia TEODORESCU, Pages: 277-290,

Laterality assessment in martial artists through kinematic analysis of striking techniquesView

Authors: Robert DELIU, Marius STOICA, Irina BĂIȚEL, Pages: 291-306,

The flow state in elite Romanian fencersView

Authors: Radu PREDOIU, Gabriela DINȚICĂ, Ana Maria ZDANOVSCHI, Lydia HATUEL CZUCKERMANN, Alexandra PREDOIU, Amalia TĂTĂRAN, Pages: 307-318,

Role of extracurricular activities in developing the motor and mental skills of primary school studentsView

Authors: Maria CĂLINESCU, Gloria RAȚĂ, Pages: 319-331,

Integrating audio-video technology in teaching children the long jump and oina ball throwView

Authors: Andreea GEORGESCU, Aura BALABAN, Adrian GEORGESCU, Antoanela OLTEAN, Pages: 332-344,

Effects of two explosive strength circuits on power, speed and agility in U16 football playersView

Author: Gabriel ZAHARIA, Pages: 345-361,

Role of electromyography in the assessment of lumbar pathologiesView

Authors: Denisa PIELE, Ligia RUSU, Mirela Lucia CALINA, Mihnea MARIN, Pages: 362-378,

Discobolul Volume 61, Issue 4 - December 2022
Academic Editor Professor PhD. Silvia Teodorescu
Online physical education in Bulgaria - advantages and challengesView

Author: Eleonora MILEVA, Pages: 379-389,

The somatomotor profile of U14 basketball playersView

Authors: Miruna Elena TRIFAN, Alina Mihaela STOICA, Adina DREVE, Pages: 390-408,

Strength optimisation by using cross-training in the physical education lesson for military studentsView

Authors: Gabriel CRACANĂ, Virgil TUDOR, Neluţa SMÎDU, Pages: 409-426,

Rehabilitation after lower limb lymphoedema in gynaecological malignancies – the role of physiotherapyView

Authors: Mihnea Peter BORDEA, Ruxandra EL-BSAT, Corina PREDESCU, Răzvan DANCIU, Silviu VOINEA, Cristian BORDEA, Pages: 427-438,

Effects of eccentric/concentric training on morphophysiologic indicators in elite male volleyballView

Authors: Iancu RĂCHITĂ, Nicoleta LEONTE, Ofelia POPESCU, Diana CHILOM, Narcis NEAGU, Pages: 439-450,

Assessing quality of life in patients with surgically corrected valvulopathies after cardiac rehabilitationView

Authors: Radu-Valentin CHIȚĂ, Mircea BRATU, Cozeta-Anca MINCULESCU, Mario DI CARLO, Pages: 451-464,

Rehabilitation of upper motor neuron lesion in children through original methods versus classical methodsView

Authors: Alexandru-Mădălin DINA, Dana NICULESCU, Petruța MITRACHE, Pages: 465-478,