Discobolul No. 53 – September 2018

 Discobolul No. 53 – September 2018

  • Promoting athletes from the junior II to junior I category by optimizing land training and snow training in ski biathlon tests (Bogdan-Iulian PELIN, Florin PELIN)
  • Opinions on the role and development of suppleness to prevent shoulder dislocation in performance athletes (Ahmed Hadi AL DHUHAIBWI)
  • Violence in sports  (Constanța URZEALĂ, Silvia TEODORESCU)
  • The effectiveness of specific chest muscle training in improving the respiratory function in children with cerebral palsy (Rodica POPESCU, Eva ILIE, Dorina ORȚĂNESCU, Ligia RUSU)
  • Generation of efficient behaviours in the case of performance athletes (Florin PELIN, Radu PREDOIU, Georgeta MITRACHE, Alexandra PREDOIU, Vasilica GRIGORE)
  • Tactical thinking in the handball game (Cristina ROMILĂ, Sabina MACOVEI )
  • Aspects regarding the characteristics of concentration times in high-performance female weightlifters (Daniel Constantin MURĂREȚU, Răzvan-Liviu PETRE, Marian Daniel TEODORU)
  • Preventing shoulder injuries using prophylactic programs for volleyball players (Dan Alexandru SZABO, Ioan Sabin SOPA )
  • Study on the development of motor qualities by practicing cross-country skiing at junior level (Bogdan-Iulian PELIN, Ioan TURCU, Dragoş TOHĂNEAN)
  • Considerations on alternative methods and their applications to physical education and sports (Alina Gabriela RUSĂNESCU)
  • Relationship possibilities between children with special educational needs – kinetotherapist – parents (Aurora-Liliana COJOCARU, Ioan C. NEGULESCU)
  • Model of standardized tactical analysis of a basketball game through video analysis (Cătălin Aurelian ŞTEFĂNESCU)